Hello, my name is Tom Lyon. I am a Pacific Northwest Native and lived in the Seattle area from 1988 to 2014. I now reside in Ogden, Utah serving the greater Salt Lake City area and beyond. As you can see from my partial client list, I have worked with small business owners from one coast to the other.

My design style is simple, clean and modern without being pretentious. I work best when the job challenges me and puts me outside of my comfort zone. Striving to recreate and reinvent nature and ideas, not just duplicate them. All for your benefit at an affordable price.

My goal is to help others see the beauty in design, the complexity in its simplicity and what it can communicate.


I offer quality, creativity, reliability and professionalism with a personal touch. The real world client has to feel they can trust in your abilities and count on your reliability.

Future designer

As a designer I have to meet the expectations of my clients by instilling confidence and trust through a job well done.

I guarantee it.

Partial Client List: